Asus M3A78 Pro Motherboard BIOS Update 1105

Date Added: Jul 2009 / Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista / File Size: 629 KB / Publisher: Asus


BIOS 1105
01. Fix the issue that the system may not be able to resume from S3 when use ECC memory x 4 with ECC function enabled in BIOS.
02. Fix the issue that the system timer may delay under Vista if both C1E Support function and Cool'n'Quiet function are enabled in bios.

BIOS 1001
Reduce the thermal of the CPU.

BIOS 0902
01. Fix the problem that Memory speed will be limited at 800Mhz if set the value of "Memory Clock Mode" to "Limit" or "1067" in bios.
02. Support new CPUs.

BIOS 0801
01. Fix HDD device Boot priority will reset after changing HDD device.
02. Fix the problem that AM2 CPU Vcore voltage may be incorrect if change CPU voltage in AI Suite.
03. Set the value of "Processor Frequency Multiplier" option in bios up to 35 for certain CPU.
04. Improve the system performance when use certain CPU.
05. Support new CPUs.
06. Fix the problem that AI_NAP will autorun after resuming from S1 or S3.

BIOS 0702
Enabled HT OC function
Fix system can not reset after recoverying BIOS from USB device.
Fix AM2 processormay hang at the first reset if clear CMOS and load BIOS default.

BIOS 0601
1. Fix system may halt when the partition/drive on which Express Gate is located is compressed.
2. Fix system may halt when there is a folder name longer than 9 characters on the same partition/drive on which Express Gate is installed.

BIOS 0402
Update SB700 Raid option ROM to resolve fail to install Vista under RAID mode.

BIOS 0303
1.Fix on-board LAN is unable to work when using new LAN driver.
2.Enhance memory compatibility.

BIOS 0202
Resolve the problem that LAN is unable to be disabled when related options is disabled in BIOS.

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