Asus P3B-F BIOS 1005

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License: Freeware / Date Added: Feb 2008 / Operating Systems: All OS / Publisher: Asus


Fix ASUS PC Probe shows CPU temperature much higher than the actual one after resuming from Suspend-to-RAM.
Remove Set off APM Mode 1.0 checking, fix Win 2000 APM cannot shut down.
The choice of 3mode floppy can only be disabled and enabled.
Add microcode update for Katmai & Coppermine.
Reserve IRQ 12 for PS/2 device other than mouse in Windows 98 ACPI mode when "PS/2 mouse function control" menu item is forced to be "Enabled".
Fix IDE hard drive having a formatted partition larger than 8.4G bytes cannot be enumerated by OS in "User Type HDD" mode.
Fix the system cannot boot from Sony DDU220E DVD-ROM.
Fix PME not enabled for some cards.
Add keyboard features setting in the setup menu.
Fix system cannot boot from its LS-120 drive if a CD-R is inserted in its CD-RW (or CD-ROM) drive.
Add L2 disable functionality for Cu-Mine.
Fix yellow exclaimation mark on the display card under Windows 98 ACPI mode when printer port is set to "Normal" and "3BCH" mode in setup menu.
Patch for SunDisk 3DP3B-10 flash disk.

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