Asus M3N78 Motherboard BIOS 0709

Date Added: Jul 2009 / Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista / File Size: 643 KB / Publisher: Asus


BIOS 0709
Update Express Gate version to

BIOS 0707
1. Improve high CPU temperature problem when CPU runs at full loading.
3. Improve system stability performance when using particular memory.

BIOS 0602
Resolve fan rotation speed is abnormal after resumed from S3 mode.
Support new CPUs

BIOS 0508
Support new CPUs

BIOS 0507
1. Support new CPUs
2. Resolve system is freezing and there is beeps during POST if using onboard VGA.
3. Resolve system fail to resume from S3 mode if using more than 2 piece ECC memories.

BIOS 0504
1. Add C1E support.

BIOS 0501
1. Fix the system will shut down when rebooting with Athlon 64*2 5800 CPU

BIOS 0409
1. Support new CPUs.

BIOS 0408
1. Fix Skype may be noisy under ExpressGate.
2. Improve memory overvoltage function.
3. Fix the MAC address may be changed under ExpressGate.
4. Fix sometimes the onboard lan may not function.
5. Update ExpressGate to v1.3.3.1

BIOS 0216
Initial release.

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