Asus M3N78-CM Motherboard BIOS 0186

Date Added: Jul 2009 / Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista / File Size: 691 KB / Publisher: Asus


BIOS 0816
1. Improve high CPU temperature problem when CPU runs at full loading.
2. Improve system stability performance when using particular memory.

BIOS 0805
Resolve fan rotation speed is abnormal after resumed from S3 mode.

BIOS 0803 / 0801
Support new CPUs

BIOS 0607
1. Add C1E support.

BIOS 0603
Support new CPUs

BIOS 0410
1. Update Express Gate option rom to version.
2. Update VBIOS to resolve DVI port may not be detected.

BIOS 0407
1.Resolve system failing to pause when pressing "Pause" key during POST.
2.Resolve system stopping at Express Gate screen for a moment before entering into it.
3.Resolve system freezing when using certain PCIEx1 cards.
4.Resove system is unable to boot up from ODD under AHCI mode.

BIOS 0301
Initial BIOS.

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