Asus M3N78-EH Motherboard BIOS 0415

Date Added: Jul 2009 / Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista / File Size: 620 KB / Publisher: Asus


BIOS 0415
1. Fix system may restart continuously when the add-on VGA card does not support Hybrid SLI and Hybrid SLI option is enabled in BIOS.
2. Improve compatibility with certain DVD-ROM under AHCI mode.
3. Fix the system may not resume from S3 when using ECC memory modules.
4. Add "512MB" option under "Hybrid SLI Frame buffer Size" when the system memory size is no less than 2GB.
5. Fix a typo in the flash type on the POST of EZFlash 2 and ASUS Update.

BIOS 0412
Support PCIE2.0 mode.

BIOS 0411
Fix when using Matrox-G550 VGA card on PCIE X1 slot and Intel-EXPI9402PT LAN card on PCIE X16 slot at the same time, the system may halt.
Fix CPU speed may show incorrectly when choosing standard overclock or manually fixing CPU external clock at 200MHz.

BIOS 0406
Fix sometimes the onboard networke adapter does not load MAC address.
Fix version of some CPU may be shown incorrectly under Setup/CPU Configuration.
Fix when using unlocked CPU, CPU ratio may not be changed.
Update nVidia RAID Option ROM.
Revise Hybrid-SLI function.

BIOS 0403
Support new CPUs.
Add Hybrid SLI function support.

BIOS 0310
Initial release.

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