Asus M3A78-EM Motherboard BIOS 1805

Date Added: Jul 2009 / Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista / File Size: 726 KB / Publisher: Asus


BIOS 1805
01. Improve the system stability and performance for certain memory.
02. Reduce the thermal of the CPU.

BIOS 1602
01. Improve the system performance when use 1066MHz memory.
02. Support new CPUs

BIOS 1508
01. Update Express Gate to V1.4.4.1.
02. Fix the problem that the system may not be able to boot from the next device when set the ODD drive (without a disk inside) as the first boot device.
03. Support Large-capacity USB storage devices when use BIOS CrashFree.

BIOS 1502
01. Improve system stability when use AM3 CPU.
02. Add setup item 'Frame Buffer Location' in BIOS setup.
03. Fix the problem that system may halt when change item 'OnChip SATA Channel' from disable to enable in BIOS setup.

BIOS 1401
Fix the problem that the fan speed may be incorrect after resuming from S3.

BIOS 1302
1.Improve the memory performance when use certain CPU.
2.Fix the problem that the memory can not work on ECC mode when resume from S3
3.Update LAN option rom.
4.Set the RTC time to 24-hour system.

BIOS 1206
Support O.C. PROFILE function
Support new CPU

BIOS 1203
Update FTM moudle

BIOS 1103
1. Update Lan Option Rom.
2. Update ExpressGate.
3. Add C1E support.
4. Fix some system may not enter OS and may not be able to resume from S1 when using certain CPU overclocking 5%.

BIOS 0701
1. Fix LAN cannot connect in OS when enabling AI Net2 in BIOS, then entering BIOS again to disable AI Net2.
2. Update ExpressGate.

BIOS 0508
Improve memory overvoltage function.
Update ExpressGate.
Update LAN Option ROM.
Fix system may hang when USB mass storage device is present.

BIOS 0407
Fix Lan LED is still on when LAN is disabled.
Fix that Crossfire and SurroundView are still enabled when setting IGFX as Primary Video Controller and disabling SurroundView in BIOS.
Hide "SPDIF-OUT Mode Setting" in BIOS when "HD Audio Controller" is disabled..
Release 8M reserved memory in DOS when set SATA Type to RAID.
Fix no change in function when setting "DisplayPort Config" to enabled or disabled.
Revise AHCI configuration.

BIOS 0404
Initial release.

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