Buffalo WXR-1900DHP Wireless Router Firmware Upgrade 2.34

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Date Added: July 12, 2015 / Release Date: July 01, 2015 / Publisher: Buffalo / File Size: 29.6 MB
OS: Mac OS, Windows, Linux


This firmware (version 2.34) is for the WXR-1900DHP only. Do not use it with any other products.

Release Notes Version 2.34:

  • Improved stability of wireless communication in 5GHz.

Release Notes Version 2.33:

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed the issue where the IP address could not be updated after the time was obtained by NTP if a DHCP client was used for the Internet connection.
  2. Fixed the issue where the DHCP server stopped working when the AirStation receives an illegal DHCP request from the LAN side.
  3. Fixed the issue where if the AirStation was in wireless bridge mode and connected to an access point but did not communicate with it for a given time, the connection was lost.
  4. Fixed the issue where some specific websites (such as "www.apple.com") did not display correctly when the AirStation received a DNS response larger than 512 bytes from the Internet side.
  5. Fixed the issue where the high-speed communication became likely to disconnect in a crowded environment when the AirStation is in wireless bridge mode.
  6. Fixed the issue where IPv6 routing did not work correctly when any ISP used IPv6 services with an IPv6 IPoE connection.
  7. Fixed the issue where if the "Click here for FAQ" link on the "Web Filtering" page was clicked, nothing is displayed.
  8. Fixed the issue where the connection was sometimes disconnected after the IPv4 over IPv6 connection was established with the Internet connection wizard.
  9. Fixed the issue where the wireless connection with an iOS 8 device was sometimes not established correctly when "Guest User Authentication" on the "Guest Accounts" page was enabled.
  10. Fixed the issue where the IP address sometimes could not be configured to the LAN-side network devices when the VPN server was enabled.
  11. Fixed the issue where an illegal value could be configured to the DHCP lease information when the DHCP server was disabled.
  12. Fixed some text errors in Settings.

Added Features:

  1. Added the option to improve connectability with some wired devices.
    Navigate to "Advanced Settings" - "LAN" - "LAN" and switch the network type. Select "For home" for normal operation. If there are connection issues with multi-function printers or any corporate devices, select "For office".
  2. Changed the behavior of "Network Devices" to not be displayed when the AirStation is in access point or wireless bridge mode.
  3. Port scanning can now be disabled by unchecking "Permit port scanning" on the "System" page. When disabled, device names will not be obtained and will be displayed as "Unknown" on the "Network Devices" page.
  4. Disabled SSL version 3.0 because a vulnerability was found (CVE-2014-3566). This change will disable the following functionalities for devices* that support only SSL version 3.0:
    • Guest accounts (only when guest user authentication is enabled)
    • WebAccess (only when HTTPS/SSL encryption is enabled)
    • * Applicable devices (investigated in Dec 2014 by Buffalo Inc.)
      - PSP1000-3000**
    • To confirm the update for TLS 1.0 or later, ask the manufacturer.
      ** "PSP" is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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