Sony FMP-X10 4K HD Media Player Startup Guide

Prepare for more 4K entertainment than ever, all in one box. Now you can download over 200 4K movies from Video Unlimited 4K and stream Netflix in 4K Ultra HD. It even comes with 50 free videos and independent films that showcase the true beauty of 4K detail. Unlock them from the “free” catalog within the Video Unlimited 4K service. A built-in, 1TB hard drive also stores videos from your 4K camcorder and it features TRILUMINOS technology for the widest color spectrum available.

1. Have the series name of your BRAVIA TV ready when making a connection.

2. Connect to other devices.

3. Turn on the player.

4. Start Initial Setup.

Using the Home menu

Creating an account for Sony Entertainment Network

Connecting an external hard disk drive


The power does not turn on.
There is no picture.
There is no sound.
The player cannot connect to the internet/network.
The player does not detect the USB device connected to the player.
The player does not respond to any button.