Sony BDP-S7200 Blu-ray Disc Player Operating Instructions

Step into the world of 4k with Ultra HD upscaling technology. Powered by a fast dual-core processor, enjoy up to 4x more clarity than Full HD 1080p. All of your existing HD sports, TV shows and movies are upscaled to near 4K quality. Even YouTube clips and smartphone videos are enhanced with stunning results. Advanced picture processing analyzes every image to refine the color, clarity and detail for a beautifully natural picture.

Getting Started

Guide to Parts and Controls
Step 1: Connecting the Player
Step 2: Preparing for Network Connection
Step 3: Easy Setup


Playing a Disc
Playing from a USB Device
Playing via a Network
Available Options


Browsing Websites

Settings and Adjustments

Using the Settings Displays
[Software Update]
[Screen Settings]
[Audio Settings]
[BD/DVD Viewing Settings]
[Parental Control Settings]
[Music Settings]
[System Settings]
[Network Settings]
[Easy Network Settings]

Additional Information