Sony FMP-X10 4K HD Media Player Reference Guide

Adding a Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player to your 4K Ultra HD TV gives you access to the largest collection of movies and TV shows available in 4K Ultra HD, plus it lets you store personal videos from your 4K camcorder. Don’t own a Sony 4K TV? That’s OK. The media player is a great way to upgrade compatible Ultra HD TVs from other manufacturers as well. See compatibility below.


On placement
About the hard disk drive
About repairing the hard disk drive
On power sources
On AC adapter
On adjusting volume
On cleaning
On replacement of parts
On connecting to the HDMI jack

Replacing the battery of the remote control

1. Pull out the battery compartment with a stick.
2. Replace the old battery with a new one. Insert the new battery with the side facing up.
3. Close the battery compartment.


Input/Output jacks
Power and others
Wireless LAN

Additional Information

About wireless LAN security
No Security
AES is a security technology that uses