Netgear NTV550 Ultimate HD Media Player Firmware Update 3.2.16

Date Added: Aug 2011 / OS: All OS / File Size: 56.8 MB / Publisher: Netgear


Note: Update from the Main GUI (Settings -> System -> Update). There were some improvements to Recovery Mode; updating from Recovery Mode does not update the recovery mode itself.

New Features and Bug Fixes:
* New feature: Cover Browse defaults
- Select to browse media by cover art or list, for video, music, photos
- See Settings -> User Interface
* New feature: audio synchronization delay adjustment
- Access the Audio dialog by pressing <Audio> during video playback, then press <Audio> again to access settings tab
- Adjust the audio synchronization delay (-3.0 to +3.0 seconds, in 0.1 second increments)
- Note, setting the audio delay from Audio dialog only affects currently playing video
- There is a new related option in Settings -> A/V -> Audio for setting a permanent audio synch delay
* New feature: Access attached devices from PC
- Access your attached NTV550 devices by opening \NEOTV550 from your PC, or use unit’s IP address
- Change server (Netbios) name, useful if you have multiple NTV550 units
- See new menu: Settings -> Network -> Server options
- Use “Share devices” to enable / disable device sharing for access to attached USBs, eSATA, SD card
- Note: by default, device sharing is not enabled
* New feature: Media Share customizable names
- Change the display name of media shares (CIFS/SMB and NFS)
- See Media Locations and press <Info> to access per-share settings
- Use “Display As” to customize the name
* New feature: Media Bar autoshow / hide option
- This option lets you select to keep the media bar hidden if desired
- If you choose to hide the media bar, it can be shown manually using <Popup Menu> (or <Audio> if music is playing)
- See Settings -> A/V -> Playback options
* Media playback improvements
- Faster prebuffering speed for most video types
- Fixed Zoom (PgUp/PgDn) not working during video playback
- Added left/right wrap support for navigating playlist via media bar
- SkipFwd/SkipBk now goes to previous/next video if no chapters in current video
* Audio improvements
- Fixed multichannel PCM audio not transmitted to surround speakers
- Fixed support for FLAC 4.0 channels
* Added support for 176.4KHz and 88.2KHz audio
- Added support for MS/ACM tagged audio (PCM) in MKV
* Subtitle improvements
- Added auto subtitle encoding detection (for external subtitles)
- More code page encodings added (see subtitle dialog)
- Fixed first few subtitles not showing after start video
- Fixed subtitles not showing when subtitle start time is the same as ending time of previous subtitle
- Enabled support for SMI subtitles
- Added support for Hebrew fonts in subtitles
- Added support for VOBSUB > 576 lines in MKV
- Fixed some PGS subtitles not rendering properly due to packet spanning
- Fixed freeze occurring when text renderer encountered character it cannot display
* Media browsing improvements
- Music is now categorized by album artist instead of artist (you will need to clear library and rescan media)
- Fixed browse music by most recent not working, fix toggling between most recent / all music
- Fixed error message on remove track from playlist
* Miscellaneous bug fixes
- Fixed SD card not available after return from standby
- Fixed error on music playback after adding 2nd track
- Fixed media preview cycling causing GUI freeze
- Fixed music being queued not started in LFB
- Fixed screen saver delay not set correctly
- Fixed YouTube not playing

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