Netgear FSM7326P Managed Switch Firmware Update

Date Added: Aug 2011 / OS: All OS / File Size: 6.79 MB / Publisher: Netgear


New Features/Enhancements/Bug Fixes:
* Add support for new POE switch FSM7328PS
* Add “save” command allows saving running config into flash with a single command
* Add “show running config interface” shows the configuration per interface
* Configure certain IGMP snooping using Web GUI, the switch might crash
* FSM7300S: Unable to bind MAC ACL list to the interface
* FSM7300S: IP ACL does not work properly
* FSM7300S: “show interface” command right after the switch is rebooted will cause the crash
* SNMP v3 packet might cause the switch to crash
* GSM7312 crashes when the client address is blank in SNMP Community config
* SNTP Server Configuration pageAddress Type" field is mistakenly configured as "DNS", device fails to update the time
* VLAN GUI config page is error in not highlighting the member
* GSM7328FS: fiber SFP link not up after module remove and reinsert
* GSM7300S/FS - master unit reboot intermittently
* GSM7300S/FS: eventlog shows corrupted entry
* FSM7326P: IGMP Snooping: ’ip igmpsnooping unknown-multicast filter’ does not take effect
* When device originates ARP request for the target in secondary network with Sender IP Address as Primary Interface
* When using default IP address in network interface, copy command failed
* MFDB table do not get updated when client send IGMP leave
* The speed for the port for 1G SFP module is shown to be unknown when specific port is selected on port configuration web page
* Fails to accept host name begins with digit (0-9).
* GUI : garbage character appear when configuring policy map
* Dot1x : access fail after changing port-control from auto to force-authorized
* Port security may impede MAC address learning
* GSM7328S crashed when combo port mode is set to speed of 100Mbps
* GSM7328S could not set 100Mbps half-duplex for gigabit port
* GSM7328S port status stayed down when both sides port mode are set at 1000Mbps full-duplex.

Known Issues:
* GSM7212: Jumbo frame does not work
* Switch will not forward IS-IS packets

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