HP iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger (English, Spanish, Portuguese) ROM update

License: Freeware / Date Added: Mar 2008 / Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 / File Size: 57 MB / Publisher: HP


TITLE: HP iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger – English, Spanish and Portuguese ROM update

VERSION: 2.05.02
DESCRIPTION: This package contains English, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese ROM Update Utility (RUU) and ROM image for the listed iPAQ Voice Messenger model and operating system.
IMPORTANT: This ROM update will "Clean Reset" your HP iPAQ to factory settings. Before performing this ROM update, back up all your data.
NOTE: The Package contains ROM Update utility (RUU) only for products supporting the following SKU ID. Supported SKU ID: Supported SKU ID: FA887AA#B16
To find the product ID on the device, tap Start -> Setting -> Asset Viewer -> System.
PURPOSE: Recommended
SoftPaq NUMBER: sp38076
EFFECTIVE DATE: 24 December 2007

PRODUCT TYPE(S): Handhelds
OPERATING SYSTEM(S): Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 (iPAQ)
LANGUAGE(S): WWE, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

- Upgrades the AKU to Build 18125.
- Upgrades the Cyberon Voice Commander to version 710021.
- Reduces comfort background noise.
- Removes the loud 'pop' sound when answering a mobile to mobile call.
- Improved localized string for the Chinese language.
- Improve the keypad input to output display in Greek ROM.
- Increases the volume level on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls using Audio Echo Cancellation (AEC).

- Fixes issue where some call alert ring tones in call with stereo BT HS cannot be muted.
- Fixes issue where the user cannot enter a pause in a dialing sequence.
- Fixes issue of the loud sound of 'pop' when inserting the headset.
- Fixes issue of WLAN Connection problems at certain AP data rates
- Fixes issue where some special two digit phone numbers in Croatia cannot be dialed.
- Fixes issue where sometimes the reply cannot be created via HP Voice Reply.
- Fixes issue where files cannot be deleted.
- Fixes issue where Outlook push email fails while the POP email still works.
- Fixes issue where time zone settings keep changing after every reboot.
- Fixes issue where in the function, 'Compose the SMS with accents', the SMS size gets reduced to 70 characters. The SMS size is now maintained at 160 characters.
- Fixes issue of wrong icon for Voice mail in AT&T network.
- Fixes spelling errors in the Turkish ROM version.

Fixes the following issues for the 'Voice Commander' application:
- When a message is forwarded, 'Forward' does not appear in the Subject line in Danish.
- The Voice Commander, 'Call Voicemail' command does not match user interface in Spanish.
- Push To Talk (PTT) button activates Voice Commander even when the device is locked.
- DUT has no response, when launching Voice Commander 'Reminder' two times.
- Voice command with BT works for the first few times and then fails.

Fixes the following issues for the 'HP Connect' application:
- The Access Point Name (APN) of TCC GPRS Wireless Application Protocol is incorrect.
- Data settings cannot be configured.
- Network settings for T-Mobile Austria have changed. HP DataConnect has to incorporate those changes.
- While running HP DataConnect, on pressing 'Dismiss', 'HP iPAQ Tips' user interface pops up and interferes with HP DataConnect.

Fixes the following issues for Mobile Network Operators in Hong Kong:
- CSL: In Chinese Language, the football betting program crashes.
- DiGi: GPRS service works intermittently.

Fixes the following issues for Mobile Network Operators in Columbia:
- HOLA: Using HOLA SIMs causes the device to display 'No Service SOS Only'.

Fixes the following issues for Mobile Network Operators in USA:
- T-Mobile: On moving locations, an IP Address reset is needed on the GPRS network.
- AT&T: Cannot maintain voice calls longer than 20 seconds.

Fixes the following issues for Mobile Network operators in France:
- Orange: Internet connection set to Orange FR CSD connection by default.

Fixes the following issues for Mobile Network Operators in Mexico:
- TelCel: The audio/mic function does not work in the receiver mode but works in the speaker mode.
- AMERICA MOVEL: Empty SMS after Voice mail and the voice mail icon always remains ON.

Fixes the following issues for Mobile Network Operators in Denmark:
- Telenor Manual network selection - works as automatic.

Fixes the following issues for Mobile Network Operators in Spain:
- Telefonica: Wrong USSD behaviour.
- Telefonica: Incompatibility with Home Zone Tests.
- Telefonica: Unable to open downloaded DRM file.
- Telefonica: No indication of lost call.
- Telefonica: Network name in RIL code has to be 'movistar' instead of 'MOVISTAR'.
- AMENA: AMENA is now Orange. Network name in RIL code has to be changed.
- Vodafone: VF ES SIM card cannot receive Multimedia Message Service (MMS).
- Vodafone: Not possible to download any file via OMA (Media Delivery Method) from VF ES DRM Platform.

- Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 (or later) is required.
- Host PC must be running the Microsoft Windows XP or 2000 or Vista Operating System.


1. Download the SoftPaq .EXE to a directory on your hard drive.
2. Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to unpack the ROM update files to a directory. NOTE: This directory should not contain any file or folder from any previous ROM upgrade.
3. Establish an ActiveSync connection between the device and the host PC using a USB connection. If the host PC has Vista OS, establish a connection using Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC).
4. The ROM Update Utility (hpRUU.exe) starts automatically. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the ROM upgrade.

NOTE: Once the update is complete, the .EXE file downloaded in Step 1 can be deleted, if desired.


1. During the update, the ROM Update Utility:
- Queries the iPAQ Multimedia Messenger for current ROM image information.
- Validates that the new ROM image is compatible with the iPAQ Multimedia Messenger.
- Automatically places the device in Flash mode.
- Updates the ROM image on the device.
2. IMPORTANT: Disable the Standby and Hibernation modes on the host PC.
If Standby or Hibernation mode is activated during the upgrade process, a critical error may occur.
3. IMPORTANT: Plan enough time to complete the update. The total time to perform this ROM update is estimated at 15 minutes.
4. IMPORTANT: Do not interact with the device or remove it from AC power or the cradle/cable once the status bar appears on the iPAQ Multimedia Messenger and the actual update has started.
5. If an error message is displayed during the update process, follow any available instructions to correct the condition and start the ROM Update Utility again.
6. The update process can be performed while connected to a host PC either as a Guest or with an established partnership. In case of the Vista OS, it is recommended to perform a ROM update as an Administrator.

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