HP iPAQ hx2000b Pocket PC Series ROM Update

License: Freeware / Date Added: Mar 2008 / Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 / File Size: 29 MB / Publisher: HP


This package contains the ROM Update Utility (RUU) and ROM image for the listed handheld models and operating systems.

IMPORTANT: The RUU is designed to replace the current ROM image and to erase the partnership and all user data and programs on the handheld. It is important to read and understand the information in the Readme file that is included with this update BEFORE installing the package.


* Enables Automatic Gain Control (AGC), which is located under the Audio setting, to enhance audio recording.


* Fixes issue where the iPAQ Pocket PC stops responding (locks up) and cannot be Powered On when a Secure Digital (SD) card is inserted. This issue may cause the battery to be discharged.
* Fixes issue where the CF Scanner does not reinitialize after suspend/resume.
* Fixes issue with the AlphaBlend function call to enable display the bitmaps as transparent or semi-transparent.

Installation Instructions


1. Download the SoftPaq .EXE to a directory on your hard drive.
2. Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to unpack the ROM update files to a directory. (NOTE: This directory should not contain any file or folder from any previous ROM upgrade.)
3. Establish an ActiveSync connection between the iPAQ Pocket PC and the host PC using a USB connection.
4. The ROM Update Utility (hpRUU.exe) starts automatically. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the ROM upgrade.

NOTE: Once the update is complete, the .EXE file downloaded in Step 1 can be deleted, if desired.


1. During the update, the ROM Update Utility:
* Queries the iPAQ Pocket PC for current ROM image information.
* Validates that the new ROM image is compatible with the iPAQ Pocket PC.
* Automatically places the iPAQ Pocket PC in Flash mode.
* Updates the ROM image on the iPAQ Pocket PC.
2. IMPORTANT: Disable the Standby and Hibernation modes on the host PC. If Standby or Hibernation mode is activated during the upgrade process, a critical error may occur.
3. IMPORTANT: Plan enough time to complete the update. The total time to perform this ROM update is estimated at 20 minutes.
4. IMPORTANT: Do not interact with the iPAQ Pocket PC or remove it from AC power or the cradle/cable once the status bar appears on the iPAQ Pocket PC and the actual update has started.
5. If an error message is displayed during the update process, follow any available instructions to correct the condition and start the ROM Update Utility again.
6. The update process can be performed while connected to a host PC either as a Guest or with an established partnership.

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