Asus P2B-L BIOS 1012

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License: Freeware / Date Added: Feb 2008 / Operating Systems: All OS / Publisher: Asus


Version 1012: 2000/05/03 update
Description P2B-L BIOS 1012
Use Adaptec 7890 SCSI BIOS to revision 2.20.
Add microcode update.
File Size: 152.14 (KBytes)

Version 1011: 1999/10/21 update
Description: P2B-L BIOS 1011
Support IDE hard disk larger than 32G bytes.
Revised microcode update support for Cu-Mine processors.
Fix Microsoft Pre-OS test failure.
Microcode update upgrade for PII 653, 672, and 673. 653: 00A->010; 672: 00B->00C; 673: 007->00A.
Fix boot failure with some boot managers installed.
Fix Russian Y2K test program failed.

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