Nvidia Quadro/Tesla/GRID Desktop Driver 311.50 WHQL

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Date Added: May 2013 / OS: Windows Vista/7/8 32-bit/64-bit / File Size: 188 MB / Publisher: Nvidia


New in Release 311.50:

  • ODE Driver WHQL
    • The R310 drivers are the fourth ’Optimal Drivers for Enterprise’, a release dedicated to relatively long term stability for ISV certification, OEMs, and Enterprise customers.
  • Support for Quadro K4000, K2000, and K600
  • OpenGL 4.3 support on Kepler and Fermi series GPUs.
  • Adds a security update for the NVIDIA Display Driver service (nvvsvc.exe).
  • Workstation Features - Mosaic and Sync
    • Mosaic topology configurations are now preserved across driver over installs.
  • NVWMI 2.9
    • Workstation: Windows 7 and later
      • Improves performance of the profile framework
      • Implements saving on an nView desktop profile in the method ProfileManager::saveDesktopProfile
      • Supports saving a display EDID in the method Display::saveEDID
  • NVIDIA Control Panel
    • The NVIDIA Control Panel Access Control features allow workstation enterprise administrators to control which features of the NVIDIA Control Panel are available to users.
    • Manage 3D Settings Category: NVIDIA Driver Controlled Mode - Windows 7 and later
      • New mode that causes the GPU to automatically apply the best performance and image quality settings when using features such as Mosaic, SDI, and G-Sync/Quadro Sync.
    • Display-> Change Resolution Page: Select Displays option - Windows 7 and later
      • New option to apply customer resolutions to multiple displays at once.
  • nView Desktop Manager
    • Bird’s Eye View feature replaces the UI tab->edit gridlines feature. Provides a 10,000 foot overview of all desktops and allows manipulation of windows, desktops and gridlines.
  • Workstation application compatibility fixes. Please read the release notes for more information on product support, feature limitations, driver fixes and known compatibility issues.

Existing Support:

  • Support for CUDA 5.0
  • Support for the Open Computing Language (OpenCL) 1.1 in Quadro FX Series x700 and newer as well as the FX4600 and FX5600
  • Support for DirectX11

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