Intel SAS Hardware RAID Driver 6.600.08.00 for VMWare ESX 4

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Date Added: Jun 2013 / Publisher:Intel / File Size: 0.23 MB
OS: VMWare


Release Date: 28 Jun 2013

This download contains the SAS HW RAID driver for VMWare ESX 4

This download supports Intel(R) RAID controllers using SAS software stack (RMS25PB080, RMS25PB040, RMT3PB080, RMS25CB080, RMS25CB040, RMT3CB080, RMS25CB080N, RMS25PB080N, RS25AB080, RS25SB008, RS25DB080, RS25NB008, RS2VB080, RS2VB040, RT3WB080, RS2WC040, RS2WC080, RS2SG244, RS2WG160, RMS2MH080, RMS2AF080, RMS2AF040, RS2MB044, RS2BL080, RS2BL080DE, RS2BL040, RS2PI008DE, RS2PI008, SRCSASJV, SRCSASRB, SRCSATAWB, SROMBSASFC, SROMBSASMP2, SROMBSASMR, SRCSASPH16I, SRCSASBB8I, SRCSASLS4I, SRCSAS18E*, SRCSAS144E*, SROMBSAS18E*).

*These older controllers should work but have not been tested. Please see the included readme.txt file for additional details and installation instructions.

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