Intel BIOS Implementation Test Suite (BITS) Build 945

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Date Added: September 27, 2013 / Release Date: September 23, 2013 / Publisher:Intel / File Size: 56.07 MB
OS: All OS


BITS now builds GRUB and the BITS-specific GRUB modules for Python, ACPICA, SMP, and other support modules for both 32-bit BIOS (i386_pc) and 32-bit EFI (i386_efi), and constructs a .iso which boots both ways.

The new efi module includes:

  1. The function seen above.
  2. Helpers for buffer and UCS-2 Unicode string manipulation.
  3. efi.system_table, a decoded version of the EFI system table and all the structures and interfaces nested within it, including BootServices, RuntimeServices, and ConIn/ConOut/StdErr.
  4. efi.print_variable_names, a larger code sample which demonstrates how to retrieve, decode, and print the list of EFI variables using GetNextVariableName.
  5. efi.log_efi_info, a function now called at BITS init time to log basic information about the EFI firmware, including the firmware vendor, the firmware version, the UUIDs of supported configuration tables, and the corresponding names for any recognized UUIDs.
  6. More update

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