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AMD South Bridge Driver 10.5 for Windows XP

Date Added: May 2010, OS: Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit
File Size: 26.6 MB, Publisher:AMD

Publisher's description of AMD South Bridge Driver 10.5 for Windows XP

Resolved Issues for the Windows XP Operating System
- Using an HDMI cable to connect an ATI All-in-Wonder to a Yamaha receiver may result in the display resolution being limited to 1280x1024 and audio failing to function
- Catalyst Control Center, some of the 3D settings are not displayed on  ATI Radeon HD 4870 adapters
- The operating system may fail to start after installing the display driver with some configurations of "Crosfire" with Radeon X1900 Series devices
- The operating system may intermittently fail when exiting Test Drive Unlimited after extensive game play
- Dual display, playing multiple video files on each monitor may cause the system to stop responding
- City of Villains: Attempting to launch the game on a system running Windows XP and containing either two ATI Radeon HD 38x0 or 46x0 products may result in the game failing to load and the operating system failing to respond
- Some OpenGL applications may cause the OS to stop responding on some ATI Radeon HD 45xx adapters
- On some configurations, the display driver may stop responding when resolution is set to 2048x1536 with 8X Anti-Alias and Edge Detect filter enabled
- Exiting some games may intermittently cause the following error message when 8X anti-alias edge detection is enabled: "Display Driver stopped working"
- Hot unplugging a HDMI connection during video playback may cause system instability
- Catalyst Control Center: Enabling pulldown setting may not work on all video formats
- Systems configured with Overlay Theater Mode enabled may intermittently become unresponsive after playing video
- Catalyst Control Center, setting the de-noise slider does not affect the quality of progressive video content
- Intermittent flickering may be noticed on the TV out display when playing a DVD using Cyberlink PowerDVD

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