Netgear FSM7328S/FSM7328PS/FSM7352S/FSM7352PS ProSafe Switch Firmware Update

Date Added: Jul 2010 / OS: Windows / File Size: 8.58 MB / Publisher: Netgear


New Features/Enhancements/Changes:
1. Support Private Group that allows creation an isolated group of ports that its member ports can talk to each other or ports that does not belong to any group, but not to another isolated group members.
2. Support IEEE 802.1ab LLDP and LLDP-MED for discovery service. For instructions how to use the feature, please download the new “7.3 Command Reference Manual” from NETGEAR product support web site.
3. Log the event when the firmware upgrade is completed
4. Add support for erasing the password without erasing the configuration
5. Support CPU port mirroring to allow monitoring of traffic in and out of the management CPU
6. Improve the firmware upgrade process to reduce the chance of the upgrade failure which might be corrupting the boot up code
7. Event log is no longer supported
8. Change the default priority queue mapping for CoS queue and DSCP to the range of zero to two.

Bugs Fixed:
1. The switch might crash when Force10 switch SSH clients is used to login the switch
2. Sometime static ARP table entry can not be deleted
3. FSM7352PS total available power setting was wrong when RPS is present
4. Device view is not displayed when using https in SSL v3 mode
5. Multicast: multicast entry is not aged out when unknown multicast filtering is enabled
6. Sometime during upgrade the configuration file may be corrupted
7. FSM7352S: Clear config command may not clearing all static ARP entries.
8. Mis-configured port channel might cause packet buffer leak
9. SNMPV3: SNMPV3 commands are not under ’show running config’ after setting
10. If the ports PVID is configured as non existing VLAN, CPU don’t see the STP BPDU’s through the port

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