Razer Comms 1.20 for Windows Vista/7/8

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Date Added: Jun 2013 / Publisher:Razer / File Size: 37.1 MB
OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64


Release Date: June 6, 2013

Razer Comms is a free all-in-one communications solution for gamers, offering crystal clear VoIP and versatile instant messaging with group chat capabilities. Built with advanced in-game overlay functionality and cross-game chat support, Razer Comms allows you to get in touch with your friends without compromising your gameplay. This is how gamers were meant to communicate.

Patch Notes (v.1.20):


  • Added group profiles
  • Added Search functionality to user specific groups.
  • Added Copy/Paste functionality of Comms chat
  • Added "Clear Notifications" button
  • Re-Design of audio user interface in voice chat for easier accessibility

Bug Fixes:

  • Crash fixes
  • Overlay stability fixes
  • Improved overlay handling of windowed games and game launchers (e.g. LoL)
  • Miscellaneous UI fixes
  • Call stability/performance improvements

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