Intel DG41TY Motherboard BIOS 0024 Update

Date Added: Jun 2009 / Operating Systems: Windows XP/2003/Vista 64-bit / File Size: 3669 KB / Publisher: Intel


BIOS Version 0024 - March 24, 2009
* Fixed an issue where the floppy drive would disappear in Microsoft Windows Vista after making changes to the BIOS boot menu.
* Fixed an issue where WHQL testing would not complete with certain video adapters.
* Fixed an issue custom BIOS settings could be lost when updating the BIOS using Intel Integrator Toolkit.

BIOS Version 0023 - March 09, 2009
* Fixed ACPI error in Windows Event Log.
* Fixed issue where ISO files are not seen when pressing F7 during POST to update the BIOS.
* Fixed issue where the BIOS boot order disappears after pressing F9 with ITKFE modified BIOS.
* Fixed issue with the Need For Speed Game and certain video adapters.

BIOS Version 0020 - December 26, 2008
* Configured registers settings to meet Self-Test 5.19.13.
* Fixed system not reset as setup numeric field changed.
* Set audio front panel default to Enabled.
* Fixed the issue when enabling "UEFI boot", and then pressing F10, system will auto-reset.
* Fixed issue where operating system fails to load when using PCI recovery card.
* Fixed issue where chassis type can't be written by ODMDMI2.
* Fixed issue where some PS/2 keyboards can't wake up system from S3/S4/S5.
* Added patch to decrease POST time.
* Fixed the C-State reported issue.
* Fixed issue where system does not boot with certain graphics card.
* Implemented the chassis type pre-programmed.
* Fixed issue where system won’t boot to HDD when Boot Type is set to Advanced.
* Fixed issue where system automatically enters the "BIOS Flash Update"(F7) menu.
* Fixed issue where BIOS setup cannot be entered by pressing "F2" key when using a PS/2 keyboard.
* Fixed issue where memory size evaluation is not correct.

BIOS Version 0018 - November 17, 2008
* Turned off LAN in operating system shutdown path if Wake on LAN from S5 is disabled.
* Fixed auto load default issue after BIOS updating.
* Added support for USB emulation type: size option.
* Fixed the issue that when using the /MD command for Iflash, cannot replace an Intel® Integrator Toolkit custom JPG Splash screen with the Default BIOS Splash Screen.
* Fixed issue where keyboard function key does not work when only attaching a PS/2 keyboard.
* Fixed issue when entering Maintenance Mode, the system Passwords will be uninstalled even though CLEAR ALL PASSWORDS was not selected.
* Implemented the PS/2 port swap function.
* Fixed issue where system cannot shut down and sleep under UEFI Vista.
* Updated processor support.
* Changed setup default for "Wake on LAN from S5".
* Enabled the Lock thermal interrupt bit in the MSR to fix the error on processor setting.
* Updated for ASPM L0s disable/ un-support.
* Updated the front panel Power LED blink mechanism.
* Modified Chassis type default value in SMBIOS structure.
* Modified EM64T string. *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
* Fixed issue where the system will hang at check point 0x13 when resume from S3 in SOQM test.
* Updated new board ID definition.
* Fixed issue where pressing F9 key will make language change back to English.
* Updated the algorithm of Hardware Monitor MCH Voltage in setup.

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