Intel D915GAG/D915GAV/D915GEV/D915GMH/D915GUX Motherboard BIOS 0482 Update

Date Added: Jun 2009 / Operating Systems: Windows (All Versions) / File Size: 2119 KB / Publisher: Intel


BIOS Version 0482( February 23, 2006)
* Modified On Screen Branding algorithm to conform to OnScreen Branding BIOS Writer Guide.
* Fixed the issue where supervisor/user passwords do not support non-alphanumeric keyboard characters.

BIOS Version 0478 - December 29, 2005
* Updated new Intel Master Brand logo.
* Updated new IDBO background image with new Intel Logo.
* Added CPU VT feature support.
* Added fix to enable Pulse Width Stretching function for SMSC Heceta.

BIOS Version 0477 - December 19, 2005
* Fix the issue where system cannot resume from S4.
* Restore board ID due to the changes of a bit of board ID after S5 WOL event.*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

BIOS Version 0475 - November 10, 2005
* Added workaround for hang issue with certain video cards.
* Updated processor support.

BIOS Version 0470 - September 14, 2005
* Updated VBios 1239.
* Updated PCIe x16 Link Recovery Algorithm with Squelch Adjustment#1 and Squelch Adjustment#2.

BIOS Version 0469 - August 24, 2005
* Updated VBios to 1235.
* Set the system to boot from IGD when in manufacturing mode and there are on-board video available.
* Changed the supervisor and user passwords to support non-alphanumeric keyboard characters.
* Fixed LAN issue found when system is shutdown using the power button override.
* Updated verb table values.
* Updated Portuguese translation.

Recovery BIOS Update [EV0482P.BIO]
ISO Image BIOS Update [EV0482P.ISO]
Express BIOS Update [EV91510A.86A.0482.EB.EXE]
Iflash BIOS Update [EV91510A.86A.0482.IB.EXE]

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