Casio XJ-V1 Data Projector User Guide

Mercury-free Hybrid Light Source
A CASIO-original laser and LED hybrid light source delivers high luminance up to 2,700 lumens. This projector does not use a mercury lamp, making it environmentally friendly.

No-wait Projection
A CASIO hybrid light source reaches maximum brightness immediately after power is turned on, compared with a wait of approximately one minute normally required with a mercury lamp. The light source will even reach maximum brightness immediately if you turn it back on right after you turn it off. A mercury lamp requires a longer wait in this case to cool down.

Useful Features and Functions

Getting Ready

Setting Up the Projector
Connecting Projector Cables
Remote Controller

Operating the Projector

Selecting the Input Source (INPUT)
Output Image Operations
Adjusting the Volume Level (VOLUME)
Eco Mode (ECO)
Using the Presentation Timer (TIMER)
Using the Setup Menu (MENU)
Password Protection

Cleaning the Projector

Cleaning the Projector Exterior
Cleaning the Lens
Cleaning Vents


Error Indicators and Warning Messages
Projector Troubleshooting


Connecting to a Component Video Output
Updating Firmware
Hanging the Projector from a Ceiling
Projection Distance and Screen Size
Aspect Ratio Setting and Projection Image
Supported Signals
Projector RS-232C Control

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