Casio XJ-A147, XJ-A247, XJ-A257, XJ-M146, XJ-M156, XJ-M246, XJ-M256 Projectors Network Function Guide

XJ-M Series projectors support both wireless LAN connection and wired LAN connection.

XJ-A Series projectors support wireless LAN connection only.

Network Function Overview

What the network function lets you do…
Software Required to Use Network Functions

Projecting Computer Screen Contents Over a LAN Connection

Workflow from LAN Connection to Projection
Connecting the Wireless Adapter to the Projector
Establishing a Direct Wireless LAN Connection between the Projector and a Computer
Establishing a Connection between the Projector and Computer Via a Wireless LAN Access Point
Connecting the Projector to a Computer via a Wired LAN (XJ-M Series Only)

Using Network Connection

Network Connection Window
Network Connection Operations

Projector Network Settings

Using the Projector Setup Menu
Using the Projector Admin Pages

Projector File Viewer Operations

Uploading a File to Projector Internal Memory
Projector File Viewer Operations


Using the Token Wizard
Projecting Via a Wireless LAN Connection with Various Different Devices

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