Casio FC-100V, FC-200V Calculators User Guide

Financial Calculator with a Dot Matrix Display and power and exclusive built-in functions like Cost/Sell/Margin.

Initializing the Calculator

Safety Precautions

Handling Precautions

Before Using the Calculator

Removing the Hard Case
Turning Power On and Off
Adjusting Display Contrast
About the Display
Display Indicators

Calculation Modes and Calculator Setup

Calculation Modes
Using the Setup Screen

Inputting Expressions and Values

Inputting a Calculation Expression Using
Standard Format
Correcting an Expression
Displaying the Location of an Error

Basic Calculations

Arithmetic Calculations
Percent Calculations

Using Multi-statements in Calculations

Using Calculation History Memory and Replay

Using Calculator Memory

Answer Memory (Ans)
Independent Memory (M)
Variables (A, B, C, D, X, Y)
Financial Calculation Variables (VARS)
Clearing Memory Contents

Financial Calculation

Simple Interest Mode
Compound Interest Mode
Cash Flow Mode
Amortization Mode
Conversion Mode
Cost/Sell/Margin Mode
Day Calculation Mode
Depreciation Mode (FC-200V only)
Bond Mode (FC-200V only)
Break-Even Mode (FC-200V only)
BEV Sub-mode (Break-Even Mode 1)
Margin of Safety Sub-mode (Break-Even Mode 2)
Degree of Operating Leverage Sub-mode (Break-Even Mode 3)
Degree of Financial Leverage Sub-mode (Break-Even Mode 4)
Degree of Combined Leverage Sub-mode (Break-Even Mode 5)
Quantity Conversion Sub-mode (Break-Even Mode 6)


Custom Shortcut Keys
Function Shortcut Keys

Function Calculations

Pi (π) and Natural Logarithm Base e
Trigonometric and Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Hyperbolic and Inverse Hyperbolic Functions
Converting an Input Value to the Calculator’s Default Angle Unit
Exponential Functions and Logarithmic Functions
Power Functions and Power Root Functions
Rectangular-Polar Coordinate Conversion
Other Functions

Statistical Calculation

Statistical Calculation Types
Inputting Sample Data
STAT Calculation Screen
Using the STAT Menu

Technical Information

Calculation Priority Sequence
Stack Limitations
Calculation Ranges, Number of Digits, and Precision
Special Financial Calculation Error Messages
Error Messages
Before assuming malfunction of the calculator


Power Requirements and Battery


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