Casio fx-100MS, fx-115MS, fx-570MS, fx-991MS Calculators User Guide

Featuring a 279 Built-In Functions, 2-Line Big Display, the FX-115MS is permitted on College Entrance Examination Boards like the SAT and PSAT/NMSQT.

Important Information

Sample Operations

Initializing the Calculator

Safety Precautions

Handling Precautions

Removing the Hard Case

Turning Power On and Off

Adjusting Display Contrast

Reading the Display

Specifying the Calculation Mode

Configuring the Calculator Setup

Inputting Expressions and Values

Basic Calculations

Function Calculations

Complex Number Calculations (CMPLX)

Using CALC


Statistical Calculations (SD, REG)

Base-n Calculations (BASE)

Equation Calculations (EQN)

Matrix Calculations (MAT) (fx-570MS/991MS only)

Vector Calculations (VCT) (fx-570MS/991MS only)

Scientific Constants (fx-570MS/991MS only)

Metric Conversion (fx-570MS/991MS only)

Calculation Ranges, Number of Digits, and Precision

Error Messages

Before Assuming Malfunction of the Calculator

Replacing the Battery


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