Canon PowerShot D20 Digital Camera Getting Started

This guide introduces basic camera operations.

Inserting the Battery and Memory Card

Insert the included battery and a memory card (sold separately). Note that before using a new memory card (or a memory card formatted in another device), you should format the memory card with this camera

1. Check the card’s write-protect tab.
2. Open the cover.
3. Insert the battery.
4. Insert the memory card.
5. Close the cover.

Setting the Date and Time

A screen for setting the date and time is displayed the first time you turn the camera on. Be sure to specify the date and time, which is the basis for dates and times added to your images.

1. Turn the camera on.
2. Set the date and time.
3. Set the local time zone.
4. Finish the setup process.

Changing the Date and Time

Access the camera menu.
Choose [Date/Time].
Change the date and time.

Display Language

The display language can be changed as needed.

1. Enter Playback mode.
2. Access the setting screen.
3. Set the display language.

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