Asus WL-330N Portable Wireless Router User Manual

The ASUS WL-330N is the world’s smallest wireless router, featuring five integrated modes within its compact size. With 802.11n, 150Mbits per second and the five different modes (Network adapter, access point, wireless router, repeater, Hotspot (Wi-Fi account sharing)), the WL-330N brings you the highest mobility and flexibility in staying connecting, especially when traveling. There’s no need to even take a power adapter with you because the WL-330N can also draw power from a USB port. Equipped with an easy to use graphical user interface, the WL-330N is easy to setup and manage, even for those less familiar with wireless configurations.

Chapter 1 Product introduction

1.1 Welcome!
1.2 Package contents
1.3 Features
1.4 Recommended network settings

Chapter 2 Hardware installation

2.1 System requirements
2.2 Device installation

Chapter 3 Utilities

3.1 Installing the utilities
3.2 Firmware Restoration

Chapter 4 Configuration

4.1 Overview
4.2 Operation modes
4.3 Advanced setting

Chapter 5 Using the device

5.1 Using the device in a local network
5.2 Replacing the computer Ethernet cables
5.3 Replacing the cable connections of other devices
5.4 Sharing Internet connection with other computers

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