Asus RAMPAGE V EXTREME Motherboard User Guide

Perfect spacing and PCI Express 3.0 speed for incredible graphics!
Unleash the full power of multiple graphics cards for visuals that never stutter, with just the right amount of space between each card. Onboard switches let you selectively enable or disable cards in a flash – configuring multi-GPU setups has never been easier!

Unique Cache Bus Voltage Adjustment
Cache bus links areas such as CPU cores, DDR4 Memory Controllers, System Agent and the shared L3 Cache. It is a critical interconnect for the whole CPU subsystem. Higher Cache Bus frequency directly gives faster total sub-system performance. ASUS OC Socket exclusively provides an adjustable cache bus voltage to reach higher cache bus frequencies.

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About this guide
RAMPAGE V EXTREME specifications summary
OC Panel specifications summary
Package contents
Installation tools and components

Chapter 1: Product Introduction

1.1 Special features
1.2 Motherboard overview

Chapter 2: Basic Installation

2.1 Building your PC system
2.2 BIOS update utility
2.3 Motherboard rear and audio connections
2.4 OC Panel
2.5 Starting up for the first time
2.6 Turning off the computer

Chapter 3: BIOS setup

3.1 Knowing BIOS
3.2 BIOS setup program
3.3 My Favorites
3.4 Main menu
3.5 Extreme Tweaker menu
3.6 Advanced menu
3.7 Monitor menu
3.8 Boot menu
3.9 Tool menu
3.10 Exit menu
3.11 Updating BIOS

Chapter 4: Software support

4.1 Installing an operating system
4.2 Support DVD information
4.3 Software information
4.4 AI Suite 3
4.5 Dual Intelligent Processors 5
4.6 ROG Audio features
4.7 Sonic Radar II
4.8 GameFirst III
4.9 KeyBot
4.10 ASUS Disk Unlocker
4.11 RAMDisk
4.12 MemTweakIt
4.13 ROG CPU-Z
4.14 ROG Connect

Chapter 5: RAID support

5.1 RAID configurations
5.2 Creating a RAID driver disk

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