Asus MAXIMUS VII IMPACT Motherboard User Guide

Maximus VII Impact’s completely-digital power architecture is engineered with premium components to provide total control over the Fully Integrated Voltage Regulators (FIVR) found in the latest Intel processors. Dynamic speed adjustments and intricate manual controls let you the push the processor and memory further than ever – and that means the highest stability and precision!

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About this guide
MAXIMUS VII IMPACT specifications summary
Package contents
Installation tools and components

Chapter 1: Product Introduction

1.1 Special features
1.2 Motherboard overview

Chapter 2: Basic Installation

2.1 Building your PC system
2.2 BIOS update utility
2.3 Motherboard rear and audio connections
2.4 Starting up for the first time
2.5 Turning off the computer

Chapter 3: BIOS setup

3.1 Knowing BIOS
3.2 BIOS setup program
3.3 My Favorites
3.4 Extreme Tweaker menu
3.5 Main menu
3.6 Advanced menu
3.7 Monitor menu
3.8 Boot menu
3.9 Tools menu
3.10 Exit menu
3.11 Updating BIOS

Chapter 4: Software support

4.1 Installing an operating system
4.2 Support DVD information
4.3 Software information
4.4 AI Suite 3
4.5 Wi-Fi GO!
4.6 ASUS Media Streamer
4.7 ROG Audio features
4.8 Sonic Radar II
4.9 GameFirst III
4.10 Keybot
4.11 MemTweakIt
4.12 RAMDisk
4.13 ROG CPU-Z

Chapter 5: RAID support

5.1 RAID configurations
5.2 Creating a RAID driver disk

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