OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray Disc Player Firmware Update BDP83-59-0117

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Date Added: July 02, 2014 / Release Date: March 07, 2012 / Publisher: OPPO / File Size: 27.88 MB
OS: Mac OS, Windows


This version works for both the standard BDP-83 and the BDP-83 Special Edition. This version is the same as the latest Public Beta release version BDP83-59-0117B. Comparing to the previous Official release version BDP83-58-1215, this version focuses on improving the physical disc compatibility:

  • Resolved the random image freezing issue observed on several Warner Brothers Blu-ray movies. The problem happens when "BD-Live Network Access" is set to "ON" in the player’s setup menu. Sample titles include "Sex and the City 2 (BD, 2011)" and "Inception (BD, 2011)". This issue has been resolved in this release.
  • Resolved the loading failure issue observed on several recently-released Blu-ray series, including "Fringe" (Season 3, 2011), "Chuck" (Season 4, 2011), "Dexter" (Season 5, 2011), "Star Wars" and "Lord of the Rings". Normally, these movies can be played with no problems when initially loaded. However, if disc playback has been stopped or the disc ejected, the disc would fail to load again the next it is played. The TV would get a black screen and the front panel display would remain at 00:00:00. The cause of this error is related to the discs’ resume function implemented in BD-Java. This firmware properly handles the resume function.
  • Other general disc compatibility improvement based on recent and upcoming releases. Sample titles include "Contagion (BD, 2012)" and "Mildred Pierce (BD, 2012)".

All features and improvements of the previous firmware are also included in this version.

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