Panasonic DMP-MS10 Media Player Firmware Update 1.19

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Date Added: May 2013 / Publisher:Panasonic / File Size: 78.8 MB
OS: Mac OS/Windows


Firmware History:

  • Version: 1.19 - Release Date: 4/24/2013
    Stability of System
    Twitter Connectivity
  • Ver 1.14
    Stability of System

Checking the Firmware Version

CAUTION: If the player has the most recent firmware, there is no need to perform a firmware update.

  1. Turn on the main unit.
  2. Select "Setup" on "HOME MENU" by using OK button on the remote control.
  3. Press the [DOWN] arrow to select "Player Settings".
  4. Press the [DOWN] arro w to select “System”.
  5. Press the [OK] button.
  6. Press the [DOWN] arrow to select “System Information”.
  7. Press the [OK] button.
  8. Press the [DOWN] arrow to sele ct “Firmware Version Information”.
  9. Press the [OK] button.
  10. The firmware information will appear next to the heading “Main Version:”

CAUTION: Compare the current firmware version displayed to the firmware version received or downloaded. If they are the same, or the firmware version displayed in the player is higher, there is no need to install the firmware.

Reasons why the player may have a more recent firmware version:

  • If the player was manufactured after th e firmware was released, the firmware update may have already been installed.
  • If the player was serviced by an authorized Panasonic service center, a service technician may have already inst alled the latest firmware update.

Installing the Firmware

  1. Press the [POWER] button on the Streaming Media Player to turn it ON, if it is not already powered ON.
  2. After the POWER LED is on insert the USB flash drive into the USB slot of the player.
  3. The Player will automatically star t downloading to the player.
  4. When the update is complete the “FIN” will be displayed on the TV and the POWER and INFO lights on the main unit will blink three times.

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