Netgear GS748Tv2/GS748Tv3 Smart Switch Firmware Upgrade 3.0.6

Date Added: May 2010 / OS: All OS / File Size: 1.29 MB / Publisher: Netgear


Modifications / Fixes:
1. Fix the issue that system freezes if being bombarded with unauthorized SNMP requests.

Known Issues:
1. Egress packets from a mirrored port will always contain VLAN ID.
Workaround: Please ignore the VLAN ID.
2. Non-trusted MAC addresses of ARP packets will be learned and displayed on the MAC Address table.
Workaround: There is no deviation to the Trusted MAC address behavior. Please ignore non trusted MAC addresses on the learning table.
3. The LAGs setting will be cleared after upgrade from v 1.0.3_10 due the LACP functions are new added, user have to re-configure LAG even the LAGs are static mode.

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