Texas Instruments TI-73, TI-73 Explorer Calculator Guidebook

The TI-73 Explorer is completely compatible with existing TI-73 classroom accessories and related curricular materials for upper elementary through lower middle grades, from fractions through pre-algebra.

Chapter 1: Operating the Operating the TI-73

Preparing to Use Your TI-73
The Home Screen
Entering Numbers and Other Characters
Functions and Instructions
Entering Expressions
Retrieving Previous Entries
Recalling and Storing the Last Answer
Mode Settings

Chapter 2: Math Operations

Keyboard Math Operations
The [MATH] MATH Menu
The [MATH] NUM Menu
The [MATH] PRB Menu
The [MATH] LOG Menu

Chapter 3: Fractions

Entering Fractions
Using Fractions in Calculations
Fraction Modes
Converting Between Fractions and Decimals
Converting Between Mixed Numbers and Simple Fractions

Chapter 4: Measurement, Conversions, and Constant Calculations


Chapter 5: Lists

Steps for Creating a List
The List Editor
Naming a List
Entering List Elements
Editing Lists in the List Editor
The [2nd] [STAT] Ls Menu
The [2nd] [STAT] OPS Menu
List Commands from the Home Screen

Chapter 6: Statistical Plots

Steps for Defining a Stat Plot
Defining Statistical Data in Lists
Deselecting Yn Functions
Defining a Stat Plot
Selecting Stat Plot Types
Defining Stat Plot Options
Adjusting Window Values and Format
Displaying the Stat Plot
Stat Plot Examples

Chapter 7: Statistical Analyses

The [2nd] [STAT] MATH Menu
The [2nd] [STAT] CALC Menu

Chapter 8: Tables

What Is a Table?
Steps for Creating a Table
Defining and Selecting Functions in the Y= Editor
Setting Up the Table
Displaying the Table
Table Setup from the Home Screen

Chapter 9: Function Graphing

Steps for Graphing a Function
Example of Function Graphing
Defining Functions in the Y= Editor
Selecting a Graph Style
Setting the Window Format
Defining Window Values
Displaying a Graph
Adjusting Window Values with the ZOOM Menu

Chapter 10: Drawing

The [DRAW] DRAW Menu
The [DRAW] STO Menu

Chapter 11: Trigonometry

The [2nd] [TRIG] TRIG Menu
Graphing Trig Functions
The [2nd] [TRIG] ANGLE Menu

Chapter 12: Programming

What Is a Program?
Steps for Creating a Program
Creating and Naming a New Program
Entering Program Commands
The [PRGM] CTL Menu
The [PRGM] I/O Menu
Editing Program Commands
Executing a Program
Debugging a Program

Chapter 13: Communication Link and the CBL/ CBR Application

TI-73 Link Capabilities
The Link SEND Menu
The Link RECEIVE Menu
Transmitting Data Items
Backing Up Memory
Upgrading your TI-73 Graph Explorer Software
Steps for Running the CBL/CBR Application
Selecting the CBL/CBR Application
Specifying the Data Collection Method
Specifiying Data Collection Options
Collecting the Data
Stopping Data Collection

Chapter 14: Memory Management

The [2nd] [MEM] MEMORY Menu

Reference Information

The TI-73 Menu Map
The VARS Menu
Equation Operating System (EOS?)
In Case of Difficulty
Correcting an Error
Error Messages
Appendix C: Battery/Service and Warranty  Information
Battery Information
Suport & Service Information
Warranty Information

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