Texas Instruments TI-34 MultiView Scientific Calculator Guidebook

Intermediate, four-line scientific calculator with advanced fraction capabilities for middle school math and science.

Switching the TI-34 MultiView calculator on and off

[on] turns on the TI-34 MultiView calculator. [2nd][off] turns it off. The display is cleared, but the history, settings, and memory are retained.

The APD (Automatic Power Down) feature turns off the TI-34 MultiView calculator automatically if no key is pressed for about 5 minutes. Press [on] after APD. The display, pending operations, settings, and memory are retained.

Display contrast

The brightness and contrast of the display can depend on room lighting, battery freshness, and viewing angle.
To adjust the contrast:
1. Press and release the [2nd] key.
2. Press [+] (to darken the screen) or [-] (to lighten the screen).

Order of operations

The TI-34 MultiView calculator uses Equation Operating System (EOS) to evaluate expressions. Within a priority level, EOS evaluates functions from left to right and in the following order.

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