Sony VPL-VW1100ES 4K Projector Quick Reference Manual

This Quick Reference Manual explains the installation and basic operations for projecting pictures. It also describes important notes and cautions to which you have to pay attention when handling and using this unit.

Step 1 Preparing

Checking the Supplied Accessories
Inserting the Batteries into the Remote Control
Using the CD-ROM manual
Connecting the AC Power Cord

Step 2 Installing the Unit

1. Position the unit parallel to the screen.
2. After connecting the AC power cord to the unit, plug the AC power cord into a wall outlet.
3. Press the (ON/STANDBY) button to turn on the unit.
4. Project an image on the screen, then adjust the focus, size, and position.

Step 3 Connecting the Unit

Connecting to a VCR
Connecting to a Computer
Connecting to a 3D Sync Transmitter

Step 4 Selecting the Menu Language

You can select one of 16 languages for displaying the menu and other on-screen displays. The factory default setting is English. To change the current menu language, set the desired language with the menu screen.

Step 5 Projecting

Projecting the Picture
Selecting the Picture Viewing Mode

Error Handling

Warning Indicators


Replacing the Lamp

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