Sony VPL-HW55ES, VPL-HW40ES Video Projector Quick Reference Manual

This Sony VPL-HW55ES, VPL-HW40ES Quick Reference Manual explains the installation and basic operations for projecting pictures. It also describes important notes and cautions to which you have to pay attention when handling and using this unit.

Refer to “Warning Indicators”, “Replacing the Lamp”, and “Cleaning the Air Filter” as necessary.

For details on the operations, refer to the Operating Instructions contained in the supplied CDROM.

Step 1 Preparing

Step 2 Installing the Unit

1. Position the unit so that the lens is parallel to the screen.
2. After connecting the AC cord to the projector, plug the AC cord into a wall outlet.
3. Press the (ON/STANDBY) switch to turn on the projector
4. Press the PATTERN button to display a test signal for performing adjustments.

Step 3 Connecting the Unit

Connecting to a VCR
Connecting to a Computer
Connecting to a 3D Sync Transmitter

Step 4 Selecting the Menu Language

Step 5 Projecting

Projecting the Picture
Turning Off the Power
Selecting the Picture Viewing Mode

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