Sony NEX-VG900, NEX-VG900E Camcorder Operating Guide

Make your debut with ultra-smooth HD, a 5.1-channel microphone, and built-in projector to showcase your masterpiece. This 24.3MP full-frame camcorder delivers Full HD 1080/60i/60p/24p recording. What’s more, you get manual control and minimal shake when shooting on the move with Optical SteadyShot image stabilization, plus a top-mounted mic for crystal-clear surround sound recording.

Getting Started

Step 1: Checking supplied items
Step 2: Attaching the supplied accessories
Step 3: Charging the battery pack
Step 4: Attaching the lens
Step 5: Turning the power on, and setting the date and time
Step 6: Making setting adjustments before recording
Step 7: Inserting a memory card


Adjusting for shooting conditions
Playback on the camcorder
Playing images on a TV

Advanced operations

Deleting movies and photos

Saving movies and photos with a computer

Useful functions available if you connect the camcorder to a computer
Preparing a computer
Starting PlayMemories Home
Using “Image Data Converter”
Dubbing guide

Saving images on an external media device

Creating a standard definition image quality (STD) disc with a recorder, etc.

Customizing your camcorder

Using menus
Getting detailed information from the “Handycam” Handbook

Additional information

Recording time of movies/number of recordable photos

Quick reference

Screen indicators
Parts and controls

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