Sony ILCE-7M2K a7II Camera Instruction Manual

Introduction of functions

This section introduces some frequently used shooting functions and other unique functions.

Shooting functions used frequently

Exposure Comp. (37)
You can adjust the exposure to change the brightness of the entire image.
Even when the shooting mode is set to M, you can adjust the exposure if the ISO sensitivity is set to [ISO AUTO].

ISO/Multi Frame NR (37)
You can adjust the luminous sensitivity.
The ISO sensitivity can be adjusted between ISO 50 and ISO 25600.
When you select (Multi Frame NR), you can select larger ISO numbers than the maximum ISO sensitivity.

White Balance (37)
You can adjust the color tones.
You can select an option to suit a light source, or perform fine adjustments using color temperature and color filters.

Drive Mode (36)
You can select an appropriate drive mode to suit your purposes, such as single shooting, continuous shooting, or bracket shooting.

Features of this camera

DRO/Auto HDR (72)
[D-Range Opt.]: By dividing the image into small areas, the camera analyses the contrast of light and shadow between the subject and the background, and produces an image with the optimal brightness and gradation.
[Auto HDR]: Shoots 3 images with different exposures, and then overlays these images to create an image with rich gradation.

Creative Style (71)
You can select the desired style from among 13 styles.
You can also adjust certain image factors, such as exposure, using the selected style as the base.

Movie recording with manual adjustments (69)
You can adjust the exposure in P, A, S, or M mode even when shooting movies.

Picture Profile (74)
You can change settings such as color and tone when recording movies.

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