Sony HDR-TD30, HDR-TD30V 3D Camcorder User Guide

With the 3D-ready 3.5″ Xtra Fine LCD display, you can view 3D content directly on the camcorder’s LCD without the need for special glasses. Infused with TruBlack technology, the LCD provides superb contrast, brightness and glare reduction so you can comfortably and accurately review your footage on the fly-even outdoors or in bright lighting conditions.

Before use

How to use this User Guide
Parts and controls/Screen indicators
How does your 3D camcorder work

Getting started

Checking the supplied items
Charging the battery pack
Turning the power on, and setting the date and time
Preparing the recording media


Useful functions for recording images


Highlight Playback
Playing images on a TV

Saving images with an external device

Using the PlayMemories Home software
Selecting a method for saving images
Saving images on an external media device
Creating a disc with a recorder

Customizing your camcorder

Using menu items
Shooting Mode
Image Quality/Size
Playback Function


If you have problems
Self-diagnosis display/Warning indicators

Maintenance and precautions

Maintenance and precautions
About handling of your camcorder
Recording time of movies/number of recordable photos
Using your camcorder abroad
On trademarks

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