Sony DSC-RX1, DSC-RX1R Digital Camera User Guide

Sony’s high-quality 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor captures every detail of your scene with remarkable accuracy. Its 24.3MP resolution (approx.) is ideal for gallery-quality stunning large-format prints. Razor-sharp alignment of the sensor and optical components brings out the full potential of the lens to the very edges of your photos.

Before Use

How to use this User Guide
Names of parts and list of icons displayed on the screen
Using the strap
Using the control wheel
Using the In-Camera Guide


Shooting still images
Shooting movies
Setting REC mode
Using shooting functions
Using the Fn button
Functions that can be selected using the Fn button


Viewing still images
Deleting images
Viewing movies
Viewing panoramic images

Using MENU items (Shooting)

Using MENU items (Shooting)
Still shooting menu
Movie shooting menu
Custom menu

Using MENU items (Viewing)

Using MENU items (Viewing)
Playback menu

Changing settings

Changing settings
Memory Card Tool menu
Clock setup menu
Setup menu

Viewing images on a TV

Viewing an image on a High Definition (HD) TV
Viewing an image on a BRAVIA Sync-compatible TV

Using with your computer

Recommended computer environment
Using the software
Importing images to a computer
Creating a disc of movies


Printing still images


If you have problems
Warning indicators and messages
Situations this camera has difficulty handling

Precautions/About this camera

On cleaning
Number of still images and recordable time of movies
Using the camera abroad
About this camera

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