Sony BDP-S6200, BX620 Blu-ray Disc Player Simple Manual


1. Connect a USB memory to the USB jack on the rear of the player.
Use a 1 GB or larger USB memory as your local storage.

2. Prepare for BD-LIVE (BD-LIVE only).
- Connect the player to a network (page 8).
- Set [BD Internet Connection] in [BD/DVD Viewing Settings] setup to [Allow].

3. Insert a BD-ROM with BONUSVIEW/BD-LIVE.
The operation method differs depending on the disc. Refer to the instruction manual supplied with the disc.

Getting Started

Step 1: Connecting the Player
Step 2: Preparing for Network Connection
Step 3: Easy Setup


Playing a Disc
Playing from a USB Device
Playing via a Network


Browsing Websites
Software Update

Additional Information

Playable discs
Playable types of files