Samsung NX300M Smart Camera User Manual

Concepts in Photography

Shooting postures, Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, How the aperture setting, shutter speed, and ISO sensitivity, control exposure, Correlation between focal length, angle, and perspective, Depth of field, Composition, Flash

Chapter 1 My Camera

Getting started, Camera layout, Inserting the battery and memory card, Charging the battery and turning on your camera, Performing the initial setup, Selecting functions (options), Display icons, Lenses, Accessories, Shooting modes

Chapter 2 Shooting Functions

Size and Resolution, ISO sensitivity, White Balance, Picture Wizard (photo styles), AF mode, AF area, Touch AF, Focus assist, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), Drive (shooting method), Flash, Self Shot, Metering, Dynamic Range, Smart Filter, Exposure compensation, Exposure lock, Video functions

Chapter 3 Playback/Editing

Searching and managing files, Viewing photos, Playing videos, Editing photos

Chapter 4 Wireless network

Connecting to a WLAN and configuring network settings, Saving files to a smart phone automatically, Sending photos or videos to a smart phone, Using a smart phone as a remote shutter release, Using Auto Backup to send photos or videos, Sending photos or videos via email, Using photo or video sharing websites, Using Samsung Link to send files, Sending photos using Wi-Fi Direct

Chapter 5 Camera settings menu

User settings, Setting

Chapter 6 Connecting to external devices

Viewing files on an HDTV or 3D TV, Transferring files to your computer, Using programs on a PC

Chapter 7 Appendix

Error messages, Maintaining the camera, Before contacting a service center, Camera specifications, Glossary, Optional accessories, Index, FCC notice

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