Samsung HMX-F90, HMX-F91, HMX-F900, HMX-F910, HMX-F920 Digital Camcorder User Manual

The Samsung F90 will change the way you share and capture your memories. Get unbelievably close to the action from far away with the 52x optical zoom, and perfectly capture lifelike images with HD recording.

Before Reading This User Manual

Safety Warnings
Important Information On Use

Safety Information

Quick Start Guide

Getting To Know The Camcorder

Location Of Controls
Identifiying The Screen Displays

Getting Started

Inserting/ejecting The Battery
Charging The Battery
Checking The Battery State

Basic Operation Of The Camcorder

Turning Your Camcorder On/off
Switching To The Power Saving Mode
Setting The Date/time For The First Time
Setting The Operation Modes
Switching The Information Display Mode
Using The Shortcut Menu (ok Guide)
Selecting The Languages

Getting Ready To Start Recording

Inserting And Ejecting A Memory Card (not Supplied)
Selecting A Suitable Memory Card (not Supplied)
Recordable Time And Capacity
Attaching The Strap
Adjusting The Lcd Screen

Basic Recording

Recording Videos
Recording Pause/resume
Tagging And Capturing Great Moments While Recording (my Clip Function)
Recording Photos
Recording With Ease For Beginners (smart Auto)
Zooming In/out
Using The Back Light Button

Basic Playback

Changing The Playback Mode
Playing Back Videos
Playing Back My Clip
Using The Smart Bgm Function
Tagging And Capturing Great Moments While Playing Back Video
Viewing Photos
Zooming During Photo Playback

Using The Menu Items

Handling Menus
Menu Items

Advanced Recording

Video Resolution
Photo Resolution
White Balance
Face Detection
Ev (exposure Value)
Digital Special Effect
Zoom Type
Cont Shot
Time Lapse Rec

Advanced Playback

Thumbnail View Option
Smart Bgm Option
Delete My Clip
Share Mark
Slide Show
File Info

Other Settings

Storage Info
File No
Date/time Set
Date/time Display
Lcd Brightness
Auto Lcd Off
Beep Sound
Shutter Sound
Auto Power Off
Pc Software
Default Set
Open Source Licenses

Connecting To A TV

Connecting To A High Definition TV With Hdmi
Connecting To A Regular TV
Viewing On A TV Screen

Dubbing Videos

Dubbing To Vcr Or Dvd/hdd Recorders

Using With A Windows Computer

What You Can Do With A Windows Computer
Using The Intelli-studio Program
Upload Your Videos Directly To Youtube!
Using As A Removable Storage Device


Warning Indicators And Messages

Symptoms And Solutions

Maintenance & Additional Information
Using Your Camcorder Abroad


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