Ricoh WG-5 GPS Digital Camera Operating Manual

The camera has superior brightness with the folded optic zoom lens and is equipped with a high-performance 4.0x optical zoom lens of maximum aperture 2.0. Since the lens is bright, the sensitivity is suppressed even when shooting with the same shutter speed and allows recording in high image quality in dark scenes.

Regarding Waterproof, Dustproof, and Shockproof Design

Precautions Before Using the Camera in the Water
Precautions When Using the Camera in the Water
Precautions After Using the Camera in the Water

1 Getting Started

Checking the Contents of the Package
Names of Parts
Names of Operating Parts
Display Indications
Sub-display Indicator
Attaching the Carabiner Strap
Powering the Camera
Installing an SD Memory Card
Turning the Camera On and Off
Initial Settings

2 Common Operations

Understanding the Button Functions
Setting the Camera Functions

3 Taking Pictures

Taking Still Pictures
Setting the Shooting Functions
Underwater Shooting
Recording Movies
Saving the Settings (Memory)

4 Playing Back and Deleting Images

Playing Back Images
Deleting Images
Connecting the Camera to an AV Device

5 Editing and Printing

Editing Images
Printing Settings

6 Settings

Camera Settings

7 Connecting to a Computer

Connecting to a Computer
Transferring Images Using an Eye-Fi Card

8 Using the GPS

Before Using the GPS
Using the GPS

9 Appendix

Functions Available for Each Shooting Mode
Default Settings
List of World Time Cities
Main Specifications
Warranty Policy

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