Ricoh THETA S Digital Camera Quick Start Guide

Experience a new world of images with the Ricoh Theta S. With one touch of a button, spherical images and videos are created which are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The Theta S offers capabilities not previously attainable in past models including a new, a larger image sensor, which gives you approximately 14 megapixel, high-quality spherical images and Full HD movie recording up to 25 minutes. Improvements have been made for low light shooting including the addition of a newly developed bright f/2.0 lens along with the option to shoot in Manual Mode and set shutter speeds up to 60 seconds, built-in memory to store up to 8GB of data, as well as live view and live streaming functionality. Discover 360-degree images and videos, the future of digital photography.

Names of Parts

This camera has a simple design that is easy to handle, and that enables you to capture images of your surroundings with the simplest operations.

Downloading the App

This camera captures great images. You can also use a smartphone app for shooting, viewing and sharing from your smartphone.

Connecting to a Smartphone

When the camera is connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can use your smartphone to shoot remote images and view still images or videos.

Capturing and Viewing Still Images

Switching to Still Image Capture Mode
Capturing Still Images
Viewing Still Images

Capturing and Viewing Videos

Switching to Video Mode
Capturing Videos
Viewing Videos

Live Video Streaming

Switching to Live Streaming Mode
Live Streaming

Sharing on Social Networking Services

You can share images captured with the camera on social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook. Tap the Share button on the image viewing screen of the smartphone app.

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