Ricoh GR II Digital Camera Operating Manual

Developed in pursuit of pure image quality, the GR 18.3mm F2.8 lens (equivalent to 28mm in the 35mm format) delivers simply the best performance in GR’s history. This acclaimed lens design incorporates two high-precision glass mold aspherical optical elements and a high-refraction, lower-dispersion glass element, positioned optimally to reduce distortions and chromatic aberration to near absolute minimum, while reproducing high-resolution images from the center to the edges of the image field. Thanks to its crisp image rendition even at the maximum aperture of F2.8, and its faithful image reproduction against backlight, the user can truly enjoy the charm of a unifocal lens. Its nine-blade iris diaphragm helps create a truthful sense of depth and a natural bokeh (defocusing) effect, while allowing the user to capture beautiful light beams at closed-down apertures.

Before You Begin

It covers the names of the parts and how to prepare the camera for use.

Parts of the Camera
Using the Dials and Lever
Picture Display
Getting Ready

First Steps

It covers the basic operations for using your camera for the first time, including how to turn on the camera, take pictures, and play back images.

Basic Shooting
Playing Back Images
Using the Menu

Advanced Operations

Read this section when you want to learn more about the different camera functions.
It covers all shooting and playback functions and describes how to customize the camera settings and use it with a computer.

Various Shooting Functions
Playback Functions
Changing Camera Settings
Making Use of Images

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