Pentax Q-S1 Digital Camera Start Guide

This Start Guide provides information on how to get your PENTAX Q-S1 ready for use and its basic operations. To ensure proper operation, please read this Start Guide before using the camera.

Names and Functions of the Working Parts

Operating Controls
Monitor Display

How to Change Function Settings

Using the Direct Keys
Using the Control Panel
Using the Menus

Menu List

Rec. Mode Menus
Movie Menu
Playback Menu
Set-up Menus
Custom Setting Menus

Getting Your Camera Ready for Use

Attaching the Strap
Attaching a Lens
Using the Battery and Charger
Inserting a Memory Card
Initial Settings
Formatting a Memory Card

Basic Shooting Operation

Capture Mode Types
Shooting with Smart Effect

Reviewing Images

Playback Mode Palette

Restrictions on Each Capture Mode

Restrictions on the Combinations of Special Functions

Functions Available with Various Lenses

Using a K-Mount Lens

Main Specifications

Operating Environment for USB Connection and Provided Software

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