Pentax Q-S1 Digital Camera Operating Manual

If you want to preserve the precious moments unfolding before you in beautiful images, the super-compact PENTAX Q-S1 is the perfect choice because it is easy to carry on every outing. Its classic, refined design suits all occasions in your life, while lens interchangeability extends the boundary of creative expression beyond your expectations.

The PENTAX Q-S1 adds new discoveries and inspirations to your daily photography.

Introducing the PENTAX Q-S1

Names and Functions of the Working Parts
How to Change Function Settings
Menu List

Getting Started

Attaching the Strap
Attaching a Lens
Using the Battery and Charger
Inserting a Memory Card
Initial Settings
Basic Shooting Operation
Reviewing Images

Taking Pictures

Selecting the Appropriate Capture Mode
Setting the Exposure
Using the Built-in Flash
Setting the Drive Mode
Setting a File Format
Adjusting the Color and Brightness of Images
Controlling the Image Finishing Tone

Playback Functions

Playback Mode Palette Items
Changing the Playback Method
Connecting the Camera to a Computer
Editing and Processing Images

Changing the Settings

Camera Settings
File Management Settings


Restrictions on Each Capture Mode
Functions Available with Various Lenses
Functions when Using an External Flash
Main Specifications
For Using Your Camera Safely
Care to be Taken During Handling

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